Monday Morning Coffee with Spirit Miller

In the world of Internet Marketing, there are companies that build a website and let it sit and others who take a closer look at the content, their overall goals and content creation to drive more traffic to their pages. It is the latter that we found in Spirit Miller. Fortunately for us, they needed a little help along the way.

As a turnkey driveaway services provider, Spirit Miller has a strong leadership position in its niche market. The company is family-owned and managed and provides a quality work environment for its employees and independent truck drivers. With a market that is ever-changing, however, Spirit Miller needed to take a closer look at its online presence to see what opportunities existed for driving more traffic.

Upon examination of the company’s current website, a few things became obvious. First, Spirit Miller was ranking well in search results for the company name and for the term “driveaway services” as both were in the heading on the website and subsequent pages. If prospective clients or drivers were using other terms to search for what Spirit Miller had to offer, they may never be found.

Second, there was no consistency in the content, a place did not exist for a blog or news feed to provide new information on the company or the industry and social media was virtually non-existent. It was also noted that the website lacked some visual appeal. With a new strategy in place, the Spirit Miller site was about to experience a facelift.

Once a keyword list was developed based on competition and search volume, the content for the site was rewritten with a focus on specific keywords. Pages were added to the site for a Spirit Miller blog and Trucking News. Images were added to specific pages and calls to action instructed interested parties to take the next step.

Within just five days of making these strategic changes to the Spirit Miller website, the site claimed top search engine ranking for targeted keywords, including Driveaway Jobs. Plus, the website is enjoying a steady growth in traffic as Spirit Miller uses it to attract potential clients and new qualified drivers.

The next step will be to put a clear social media strategy in place and update the blog and trucking news pages on a regular basis, still focusing on specific keywords to drive traffic. Given the site’s current success thus far, this is one project we’re already celebrating as a true win.

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