Monday Morning Coffee with Chase Candy Co.

Yes, the Mini-Moment: Iconic 135-Year Old Candy Company Surprised by Facebook ChaseSuccess

Engaging customers today is all about the mini-moment. A special combination of cherries, chocolate and crushed peanuts – steeped in nostalgia – doesn’t hurt either.

The Chase Candy Co., founded more than 135 years ago in historic St. Joseph, Mo., has roots in the town where “Jesse James ended and the Pony Express began.” The company has built a foundation of both quality candy and a sense of nostalgia with products like Cherry Mash, memorable for its red and white label and hot pink cherry filling surrounded by chocolate and nuts.

Amidst its history and old-school appeal, Chase Candy Co. is also building brand strength with tools like Facebook campaigns and website renovations, successfully seeing sales spike around some of these posts. Company president, Barry Yantis, commented about the success of the company’s Facebook efforts in a recent St. Joseph News Press article, expressing his both surprise and delight at spikes in “likes” and positive comments.

Like other companies who’ve seen big spikes in activity from Facebook, Yantis explains that Chase Candy Co. is using the “mini-moment” concept to attract and engage its audience. Fans and comments jumped when viewers where presented photos of real Chase Candy Co. employees carefully preparing candy for shipment. They were also given the first names of those employees, and customers responded with gratitude also on a first-name basis.

Now that’s a sweet mini-moment, and one to learn from.

From California to New Jersey, fans of Cherry Mash and other Chase Candy Co. products are connecting on social media with the company in a personal way, and they’re also able to go to the company website to learn the shortest route between them and a kiosk for Chase Candy products. Here’s another lesson of which we can all be reminded:  Websites exist to answer customers’ questions. When you do that, customers are happy and they tend to buy more.

Another Chase Candy Co. goodie is the peanut cluster. But this is no average, benign peanut cluster. Yantis says they use a really good quality of peanut that’s been specially roasted. Here’s an angle with definite social media value. Also of high Facebook and video storytelling potential is former employee Normal Jones, who worked 50 years at the company and still stops in to check on things. He represents a sense of company pride and connectedness that many other Chase Candy Co. long-time employees share – and Yantis and his team seem to truly honor.

As 2013 approaches, take a moment to ponder your organization’s mini-moments and how your audience can rally around them. (We feel this moment is made even better if you’re nibbling on one of those legendary Cherry Mash candies).  Here’s to lessons learned from Chase Candy Co., and another 135 years of sweet success.

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