Simple Steps to Create Blogging Success

10365862_mWhether you’re trying to improve communications with your employees or reach new customers, blogging is an important part of the marketing team.

Blogging success has to start with putting yourself on the other side of the computer. At the very core, we all want to know what’s in it for us. Keep this particular viewpoint in mind when structuring your writings. Don’t be afraid to really tap into what other people see as hopes, frustrations and obstacles are. And assume not everyone knows what you are talking about.

The best bloggers have blogging success using a lot of “how-to” articles. Finding out what the reader needs and documenting the entire process will drive traffic.

As busy as we all are, you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. You want to make it worth their while to read your blogs. If it’s done well, they will continue to read your blogs after that initial posting.

That’s why blogging success has to start with a catchy headline. This is what draws the reader in. It’s the creative content of the blog that keeps them reading. But if you skip that initial step with a strong and interesting headline, you won’t have blogging success and increase your traffic.

Another way to bring readers in is photography. What better imagery than images themselves. Slick-covered magazines use them all the time and strategically placing them where it is relevant in your blog posts will get the same affect.

Bringing on experts in the field of your topic are also a great idea. This adds not only a new angle but credibility to something readers may be passionate about. But probably the most important aspect of blogging success is to keep your work alive. Don’t forget to keep traffic steady by making even older blogs obtainable. There are several ways to do this. SocialOomph is a great way to upload your posts in bulk and schedule when you can tweet even your oldest articles.

Blogging is an innovative way to incorporate your personal and professional sides without the boring newsletter or email chain. But don’t under estimate the power of email, simply harmonize the two. Many successful blog experts see their email subscribers as a valuable tool. One that can be used for other aspects of their business.

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