Neglecting Customers on Social Networks Hurts Your Bottom Line

9748109_mAt some point in our lives, we’ve all had “that” friend who didn’t make the effort to return our phone calls or initiate conversation. Of course, the feeling isn’t nice – leaves you feeling a little slighted and unimportant, regardless of their intention. Just as communication breakdowns can lead to the dissolutions of friendships, so a one-sided exchange can mean the loss of business for companies who ignore what their customers have to say.

Per recent study results from the Acquity Group found at, though close to 100 percent of 50 major retailers utilize Twitter for marketing purposes, less than a third actually use the social media platform to truly engage with their patrons. Hold the phone …isn’t that what social networks are all about? Worse, over 70 percent of these companies are not even responding to their followers’ tweets. If your goal is to make the next movie “How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days,” keep up the good work. Otherwise, it may be time to adopt a new strategy.

We’ve all heard the familiar phrase “doing too many things at once.” Usually the end result is that nothing gets done well. When leveraging social media, you don’t need to make your presence known on every single platform out there. Pick only those that you are really going to commit to and invest in so as to secure the biggest return on investment.

Jay Dettling, Executive VP for Acquity says that although major brands are utilizing social media, many still don’t fully grasp how their use connects with the company’s overall business strategy. According to Acquity’s research, more than three-fourths of the brands studied use at least one of these major social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pintrest, or Instagram. Interestingly, only a majority of companies with a presence on Pinterest or Instagram actually used the sites to interact with consumers.

Don’t let your social media efforts go to waste, or worse, drive loyal supporters away. Contact SJC to find out how to use social networks to build lasting profitable relationships with your followers.

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