Think Outside the Content Marketing Box

13282806_mWho would have thought that simply taking care of your current customers would generate new ones? It’s an interesting concept. One that’s been around forever but is clearly masked by all the technology and content marketing campaigns out there.

To be honest, nothing beats old fashioned word of mouth. Consider this: if your business is focused on delivering the highest quality of goods and services wouldn’t it be nice to just do what you do best and let it work for you. That’s how word of mouth works. There is no social media marketing, no content marketing and no big investments. The biggest investment will be the ones you make in your company, your employees and your customers.

Companies like Starbucks, for example, don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. Sure they have a presence in the social media but they are more focused on having the best baristas and quality drinks. That’s been enough for them.

While there’s nothing more satisfying than positive customer referrals, the reality is you shouldn’t depend on it. Instead, take that initial business recognition and turn it into brand loyalty. A recent Social Media Today post highlighted the content marketing things companies aren’t doing to promote their business.

Think about the most popular chains in the market. Ever wonder why a company that is already on the map continues to invest significant dollars into their advertising? Everyone knows that McDonald’s serves a tasty Big Mac and Red Lobster serves shrimp. But what you’re not realizing is that this is just reinforcing their position among competitors and increasing brand awareness.

Couple that with the fact that Google pretty much dominates any sort of online marketing techniques and what are you left with? You have superior customer service, investing in brand awareness and a different content marketing. Think video marketing, billboard advertising and banner advertising. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote, proactively, on your company’s website. Your customers want to hear from you, especially at a time when your competitors are quiet.

Now is the time to focus on content marketing, creating those new, quality ideas and sharing them with your readers. Believe it or not, potential customers are searching for this valuable information – it’s your job to make it readily available.

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