Six Online Marketing Trends for 2013

14332287_mToday’s digital consumers are increasingly turning to the web as a part of their purchasing behavior. Whether it’s using the Internet to research, compare ratings, or actually make a purchase, the online experience cannot be ignored if you’re to convince customers the value of your brand.

A blog featured at highlights several online marketing trends for 2013 – six of which are featured here:

  1. MOBILITY is one of the key online marketing trends for 2013. The online experience no longer primarily originates through PCs. This year Gartner predicts that more people will surf the web via cell phones than computers. Is your brand accessible on the go?
  2. Incorporate ACTIVE CONTENT. Meaning, don’t leave followers wondering what to do next. For example, provide a call to action, direct readers to subscribe to the eNewsletter, or ask them to “like” you on Facebook.
  3. Employ SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTABILITY. When using social media, don’t let it replace your website. Third party sites shouldn’t dictate your visitors’ social experience. Instead, use social media outlets to drive traffic to your page, and from there strategically redirect to social platforms as needed.
  4. Don’t forget about the ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH, which refers to the fact that it only takes a split second for consumers make up their minds about you.  Therefore, the visual layout, usability, value proposition, relevancy, and wow factor of your digital experience need to be spot-on.
  5. Of the online marketing trends for 2013, one you shouldn’t overlook is GAMIFICATION. Those companies who continue to search for novel ways to engage with their followers are the ones who will still be around five and ten years down the track.
  6. Provide a CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE. Who doesn’t like to feel special? Small details like using people’s names, tailoring to their location, and playing off prior search inquiries or past behaviors can really help forge a connection.

Your marketing strategy is evidenced by the online experience you provide to consumers. For help in aligning your promotional strategies with the online marking trends for 2013, give us shout.

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