Monday Morning Coffee with Title Boxing Club

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By now, everyone’s a little saturated with health and fitness information, with blogs, articles and social media following the typical January trend toward getting in shape.

However, there’s something new on the scene worth mentioning; it’s a fast, intense approach for both genders and various ranges of ability. It’s Title Boxing Club, and it’s built on the concept that you can get a little mad, if you will, in a good way … while you kick, punch and sweat your way to a healthier total body in 2013. The chain has franchises in several locations, but has recently opened a new center in St. Joseph, Mo., and beginning to build a local following.

The concept of a Boxing Club seems to resonate with consumers. It’s not called an outright “fitness center;” this is something new and subtly promoting the the idea of joining a club. The name “Title Boxing Club” brings back images of the old-school boxing gyms of the past (and valiant scenes from Rocky movies) yet reaches out to a large base of females along with males. The famous “power hour” is prompted across various success stories on the Title Boxing Club website, appealing to both emotions and fitness. The images across the site quickly convey that this is serious, tough and seriously fun – not to mention effective. Catchy taglines like “Your first shot is free” complete the lure.

The “club” concept is also utilized across Facebook and Twitter, as well as a newsletter, and all with a similar message and visual appeal. The newsletter enables that join-up mentality right from the start. A consistent use of no-nonsense imagery and text isn’t complicated, but it works. You can almost begin to hum Joan Jett’s classic “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” when you interact with Title Boxing Club. Easy to digest fitness tips from experts are another nice content addition, building on the no-fail concept that valuable content encourages interaction.

We congratulate Title Boxing Club on their expansion, and on their ability through content tools to make many consumers begin to imagine themselves knocking the daylights out of a punching bag — and living to tell about it.

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2 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee with Title Boxing Club

  1. MzDezy says:

    I love Title Boxing! It’s good to see that more clubs are opening all over the country!

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