3 Tips to Inspire Social Media Marketing Wins through the New Year and Beyond

15873889_mAs we construct content strategies for 2013, it’s helpful to look back and examine social media marketing wins that stood out last year.  Just as history can help minimize repeat mistakes, a brief examination of previous social media marketing wins is beneficial to keeping the momentum into the New Year.

In a post about social media marketing wins and fails, guest blogger Nina Amir highlights the fact that social media is meant to wet the appetites of followers to learn more and eventually click-through to our websites. But Amir notes, to get people’s attention we must have something of interest to say. Our content should foster engagement and encourage fans to like us on Facebook, subscribe to our eNewsletter, or follow us on Twitter. By offering content of value, we gain trust, and it’s no secret that people buy from those they trust.

Here are three tips for building social media marketing wins in the months ahead:

  1. Make your Marketing Matter. Take a lesson from Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg: successful marketing starts with passion for your customers and a clearly defined purpose. Your vision, objectives and priorities should be plainly communicated. We have to form synergies with the right partners and inspire something greater than ourselves. We must not be afraid to take risks – just how different would life be if Zuckerberg allowed potential risks to smother his plans for Facebook?
  2. Harness the Power of Video. Never has the use of video been more important that it is today. Videos are can go viral and are highly shareable. Just make sure you use proper lighting and sound techniques – a poor quality video will only hurt your reputation.
  3. Blog a Book and Book Your Blogs. Why not compile blog posts into a book and distribute to followers to grow your mailing list? Another option is to blog a book – select a business relevant topic and break blog content down into short chapters to help showcase expertise.

If you’re ready for content that inspires social media marketing wins and success stories, we think we can help.

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