Should You Outsource Your Content Creation this Year?

17320784_mA few conversations are likely to come up this year in small board rooms and large; similar questions popping up across teams of three and teams of 20 – should we keep using drip coffee, or get a Keurig for the office? Which tablet is best? And should we outsource our content creation this year or do it in-house?

The last question poses more weight and more potential than many others, because it opens the door to stronger brand loyalty and more increases in qualified leads during 2013.  For many organizations, it may seem possible to launch a few social media accounts for the business, start blogging and go from there with content marketing.

While it’s possible to carry out a few basic content marketing steps in-house, many experts agree that this approach may lead to lost time and resources, low level of results and overall frustration — concepts highlighted in a recent Digital Sherpa article.

Should you outsource your content creation this year? Ask yourself a few key questions to help make this decision.

1. Am I able/willing to prepare a detailed content plan within an overall content marketing strategy – one that’s on paper, week by week, and ties in all elements of our approach? Even more important, am I willing to carry out this strategy on a consistent basis even when things get busy? Without a detailed blueprint for content marketing, you may be floundering with random posts or updates that don’t achieve results or reach the right audience.

2. Can my team commit to carrying out our content marketing approach together as another element of our work load? If your team isn’t fully on board in sharing the content marketing work, you may only find frustration and disappointment as results don’t come to pass and content marketing falls to the bottom of many team members’ to-do lists.

3. Will I be able to provide new information, articles and blogs around fresh concepts week after week? To be successful at content marketing, you must keep feeding the “machine” with valuable, new material week after week. This is the foundation for establishing a targeted following, higher search rankings and new leads. If you will only be able to write a high-value piece or two as time allows, the results simply won’t happen.

4. Do you have the knowledge and tools for publishing content across multiple platforms – and do you know which of these tools is working, and which ones aren’t performing? Content marketing professionals can take advantage of numerous tools online to share your valuable information across multiple channels simultaneously. They also know how to evaluate what’s working and where changes need to be made to keep gaining results.

When considering the question “should you outsource your content creation this year,” consider the reality that investing in professional content marketing actually saves money over time because the tools build upon themselves as your audience grows. It’s well worth the investment, and allows you the freedom to do what you do best for your organization.

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