4 Marketing Tips to Step into Spring

11731082_mIt’s finally here – March 20 marks the beginning of spring. Social media is abuzz with tips for organization, spring cleaning, and all things gardening. The transition of winter to spring represents a time of rebirth, a time when everything comes to life. It’s also a good reminder to revisit our marketing strategies to ensure they are fresh and optimized as everyone prepares for the onset of change.

Here are four marketing tips from this Marketo blog, to guide you through the spring awakening:

  1. A Little Bit Louder Now….To borrow a line from the Isley Brothers, sometimes you just have to Shout! You won’t be the only one preparing to meet everyone as they break free of their winter shells. With so much noise on the social scene, you may just have to crank it up a notch. The key to getting noticed is to bring your audience something so unique that they can’t help but perk up their ears.

  2. Be Wary of Marketing Blunders. Marketing tips to avoid inserting foot into mouth? Just ask PR from Gap, who in October of last year tweeted for everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy to keep safe, followed by a suggestion to head to their website to do a little online shopping. The marketers at Health Net could also have benefitted from marketing tips such as this; last September they received backlash after posting billboards with phony tweets about the affordability of their health insurance.

  3. Take Advantage of Measurement Tools. With so many tools available, it’s easier than ever to elicit successful campaign outcomes. Just remember to double check that measurements are accurate and that you are measuring for the right results.

  4. Ensure Content is Catchy and Brand Appropriate. Consider the message that your content conveys about your brand. Does it speak volumes about what you offer while helping differentiate you from the hundreds of others vying for your audience’s attention? Incorporating visual and interactive elements are good marketing tips to break free from the clutter.

Need a little help with your clean sweep? For more marketing tips, give us a call.

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