The Many Faces of Webinar Marketing

7155123_mThe rapid evolution of technology has altered the way we interact with customers and business partners on a daily basis. Oftentimes there are so many programs that must work together that it can get difficult to manage and keep track of everything. Various software applications from sales to customer relationship management (CRM) must interconnect to allow data to flow freely back and forth across systems – but as we all know, that usually doesn’t happen without a few hiccups. As a result, many companies are turning to webinar marketing to eliminate some of these problems and to provide a better overall service platform.

In this blog post, ReadyTalk, provider of webinar marketing solutions, gives some background on the benefits marketers can expect to achieve with such systems. Because webinar marketing offers the ability to host product demos, borderless audio conferencing, and interactive meetings all from one platform, it’s literally a one-and-done solution. This ability to integrate data from disparate sources has made it an attractive option for marketers who, with limited budgets, want to maximize return their on investment.

Some of the other processes that are enhanced through webinar marketing include automation, data accuracy, and lead generation. Through automation, webinar marketing eliminates the tedious practice of manually transferring data between conferencing applications and other software platforms. Since data doesn’t have to be manually inputted into different systems continually, duplicate data is minimized and there is better data accuracy.

The sales team also benefits because it can host online product demos, which users can access straight from without having to exit the platform. Prospects can even be invited to attend webinar events directly from other platforms. Additionally, webinar marketing is great for follow-up as it allows members of the sales team to track and immediately touch base with those who attended a particular session due to instant visibility.

Webinar marketing gives new meaning to the word efficient by bringing all these applications together under one roof. For more information on webinar marketing and other creative ways to enhance your online marketing strategy, give us a call.

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