Monday Morning Coffee with Meierhoffer Funeral Home and Crematory

swansWhat can you learn this morning from a success story about a funeral home?  A great deal, especially when it comes to listening to customers. 

Meierhoffer Funeral Home and Crematory may sound like an odd choice for your Monday Morning Coffee, but the services this organization offers will surprise you. Their team is proving that success means honoring long-held family traditions, while delicately blending these with the convenience and tools offered by modern technology.

Founded 115 years ago in St. Joseph, Mo., Meierhoffer offers the name recognition and trust a large northwest Missouri audience has come to know and appreciate. Brand names don’t get stronger all on their own, and Meierhoffer has continued to work toward maintaining a top reputation among consumers. How?

The focus for these efforts has been expanding services and reaching out to address what families want and need, both in death and life. They have an ear for listening – as evidenced by the recent addition of a full-service flower, card and gift shop and a new pet memorial area. Meierhoffer is providing resources online for grief and healing, as well as Certified Celebrant Services. These professionals meet with the family and listen to the memories and stories that are shared, and then create a custom funeral experience around those memories. They can create a personalized Life Tribute, including printed materials and a slideshow or other materials to help honor and celebrate a loved one.

In terms of brand recognition and message, Meierhoffer Funeral Home and Crematory was one of the first in the region to create a consistent logo and use it on the obituary news page for every family they are serving, helping to strengthen the overall impression of the organization daily. The logo itself reflects a community-based focus with the popular swan image. Dozens of families stop at the Memorial Park to feed the fish and view the swans, which serve as both a symbol of hope and represent a more full-circle approach to the way the organization serves local families.

Through Facebook, Meierhoffer is also building a network that helps share in the grief process together, as well as encouragement and advice toward common questions people have about planning and preparing for funerals. The community room and gathering spaces at Meierhoffer are available for family members to celebrate a loved one’s life together, complete with catering and meal planning options that are available on short-notice. The space is also available for community meetings and events, which serves to build stronger relationships with consumers  Regardless of your organization’s product or service, this is a good example of offering a value-added service to set your organization apart and address an unmet need.

Today Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions recognizes the work of Meierhoffer Funeral Home and Crematory to listen to what families need, and then respond in very tangible ways – all while continually building upon their brand name and the reputation it conveys.

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