Small Business Case Studies – an Educational Way to Promote your Brand

14237936_mIn the quest to refine the future of your brand, sometimes it’s helpful to look back at the past – the past of others, that is. The process of examining small business case studies allows us to review what went right or wrong without having to take the risk ourselves. And because they’re usually written in story format, small business case studies are typically a fun and interesting read.

One Search Marketing Standard blog compares reading small business case studies to a reality show for small business. Only instead of watching Kim K’s wedding crash and burn after 72 days analyzing what went wrong, one could expect to see the written equivalent of a problem that might be featured on the likes of Tabatha Takes Over, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, or Hotel Impossible.

That’s the beauty of small business case studies, one can indulge in and learn from the business decisions of just about any type of business, from the small corner store to the large enterprise. The process is the same – analyze the situation, identify the issue, outline measures taken to address the challenge, and provide business advice for those coming afterward to avoid repeating the same mistake.

As Search Marketing Standard points out, the only way to be duped by small business case studies is to get sucked into a sales ploy advocating outrageous claims that can’t be substantiated. But with anything it’s important to exercise a critical eye, and with a little discernment, case studies can provide a lot of helpful tips for overcoming common roadblocks.

Using a blog to feature small business case studies that tell how a particular product or service benefited a company can be a great source of marketing. As an example, the Official Google Blog now showcases how its various products have aided entrepreneurs in achieving success.

Small business case studies are a creative and interesting way to tell your story. To find out more, give us a call.

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