Inject Your Branding Ideas into a Successful Content Strategy

18374861_mWhen it comes to content marketing, it’s so easy to get the cart before the horse so to speak. Having the greatest branding ideas in the world isn’t going to help if you don’t have a clear strategy to get your point across in a cohesive fashion. A solid content plan must precede action, otherwise consumers are left feeling confused, wondering who you are and what you have to offer them.

One mistake that marketers commonly make is forgetting that all content, both on and offline, must be consistent to properly tell the brand’s story. Therefore, all branding ideas must come into alignment regardless of what media channel is used to convey them. Social media campaigns, community events, and customer support, etc., can all help hoist your brand in the minds of consumers and incite conversations if executed properly.

To effectively get your branding ideas across, this blog featured at the Content Marketing Institute suggests putting on the mind of a media company. First, organize a diverse editorial team, including members from outside the marketing department. Then, give your contributors specific roles and establish a workflow for releasing content at the right time and place to the right people. Having the right technology is also key to this process, and some technologies even have pre-created workflows in place. Finally, set up a real-time command center to monitor feedback, engage with consumers, and identify market opportunities.

Content marketing is largely successful at breaking through the clutter and relaying branding ideas because of its ability to relate to the consumer through storytelling. Your content narrative should encompass aspects such as consumer pain points and interests, foundational issues of the brand, outside perceptions of the brand, keywords for search engine optimization, and past content performance. An editorial calendar can also be a helpful tool to organize content across various channels including marketing and events, positive customer feedback, third party information, and consumer support programs.

More questions about how to turn your branding ideas into a successful content strategy? Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions.

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