Blogging: It’s What’s For Dinner

4412026_mAn amuse-bouche of communication no longer, blog writing now has become the main course for businesses that want to beef up their company’s bottom line.  Here’s the skinny: a business that is not utilizing blog writing is essentially leaving empty seats at its marketing table.

Let’s say that your business and Google sat down at that table for dinner.  Like all dates, Google would spend most of the evening sizing you—or rather, your business—up.  It used to be that Google and its search engine friends would simply scrutinize a business’s keywords, or words a business uses to market itself and how frequently its website uses them, to deem it worthy or unworthy of high rank on their sites.  But now new technology has upped the ante.

In her article, Nichole Beachum explains that Google and other search engines now analyze how often a business is posting new information and how good that information actually is.  If the new content is relevant and interesting, Google’s opinion of that business improves and so does its ranking.  On the other hand, if the new content proves irrelevant and uninspiring, you can bet that Google will leave that business sitting at a back table—alone—in dim lighting.

Clearly, the best way to make your business visible (and keep in Google’s good graces) is to keep your website updated with current and compelling information.  Blog writing is the best way to do this—if you have the time.

Like a good meal, a good blog takes time and talent to create, and both are best served fresh.  If you don’t have time to do blog writing for your business, it is smart to save time and hire a professional.

A professional can put what you want to say into the right words for your audience and has the know-how to utilize your business’s blog to its fullest potential in the digital world.  Working with the right professional, your business can reach more clients than it ever has before.  And that’s something every business wants to sink its teeth into.


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