The Lure of Creative Content Creation: Fishing for Marketing Success

11375645_mImagine that the world out there is one giant lake, full of potential clients.  Your business wants to catch those clients.  What’s the best way to reel them in?

If you talk to other businesses fishing on the same lake, they may lean in and whisper confidentially that marketing via social media is the only bait you need to land clients.  While they may have success as they cast out, they are missing out on catching the big one because they aren’t using one vital lure: content creation.

By frequently creating original, relevant content through business blogging, it not only keeps your website fresh, but it also enables your business to attract more traffic and gain more leads.  In a recent article, the importance of content creation is highlighted with the facts showing that businesses that publish 20 fresh blog posts each month draw five times more website traffic than businesses that crank out fewer than four posts per month.  These 20+ posts also produce four times the leads that non-blogging businesses are attracting.

If you’re not hooked yet on the importance of content creation, consider this fact from HubSpot: businesses with active blogs see 55 percent more website visitors than businesses without blogs.  These are bites of interest that no business wants to miss.  But what if you don’t have the time to create your own content, and essentially, do your own fishing?

To maintain interest in your blog through high-value content creation, consider hiring a marketing agency that employs talented writers who know all of the best fishing spots for your content.  This would include sharing it with social networks, current social bookmarking sites and applicable syndications.

By investing in content creation, your business will effectively put its most attractive lure in its marketing tackle box.  Reeling in prospective clients will never be easier.  And that’s a fisherman’s secret worth keeping.



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