What’s Your Content Creation Style? A Few Tips

12157386_mTo-Do:  Create report. Attend meeting. Write content. Repeat.

If your list looks like this, consider this perspective – you can have fun with content creation. You can enjoy it and look forward to it. It can be a task that looks like information curating and storytelling instead of just another task. And, it can be a task that reflects your own personal style.

As you regain your energy toward content creation, it may be helpful to remind yourself why creating fresh content that’s valuable to your audience really does matter and makes a difference. An article in the Journal of Financial Planning also serves as a reminder that content creation is valuable across all industries, and that the basic principles that make creating content fun apply whether you’re working with investments or the latest designer shoes.

A few ways to shake up your content creation habits:
1. Choose a solid opinion, and stay with it. Give readers a new way of viewing a topic, and don’t be afraid to share your honest thoughts on what’s happening in your industry.
2. Discard the concept of “perfection” and aim for creativity. If you feel stuck because you think your content must be completely perfect prior to posting, take a chance and set that feeling aside once in a while.
3. Talk about your core philosophy. People want to know why you do what you do, so tell them in a series of blogs.
4. Throw in a personal experience or two when you can. Don’t be afraid to talk about your own experiences from time to time.
5. Work with a professional to help you stay on track and to keep content creation from becoming just another to-do task. Professional copywriters can work with you on which keywords to utilize, and how. They can also create an editorial calendar that will help you feel like you’re working toward effective goals each week and month.

It can also be helpful in your content creation strategy to record ideas you see, hear and read in a separate notepad somewhere you can easily access. You can refer back to this brainstorming list when you need some inspiration. On the same note, keep a bookmarked reading list to glance at that includes top blog sites, websites and articles your target audience is likely to be reading. This can also generate ideas that you can share in your own way with your own style.

No matter the source for your content creation muse, keep creating on a consistent basis as long as the information is important and meaningful to your audience. This makes all the difference.

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