Do You Know the Best Time to Post to Facebook?

This question is probably the ultimate question when it comes to social media. It is facebook pica really tough question to answer because it really does depend on the target audience. In a lot of ways, you have to find out for yourself.

The information that you find out about your audience is going to serve you much better than data from a variety of sources. Here are some tips on how to generate your own report:

  1. Create Exploding Content:
    You need to create something to post to Facebook that is bigger and better than anything you would normally post. This will help you have confidence that you will get good information when you look at the variations during different hours of the day. Funny pictures, videos, and different content is going to be your best bet here.
  2. Monitor:
    Sadly, Facebook Insights do not offer an hourly breakdown (we can hope that they will soon offer this), so for now, it comes down to you. You need to check what times people commented, when people liked the post the most, and so on.
  3. Cross Reference:
    Grab another source of data, if possible. Maybe the link you posted had a link back to your site as well, check out those analytics. If there’s any way to grab another bit of information, do it and then compare.
  4. Evaluate:
    Look at the information that you do have and learn from it. When does your audience engage the most on Facebook? Do they like videos more in the afternoon or maybe right before bed? Would they rather have an informative post bright and early in the morning or maybe during lunch time?

There are several ways that you can go about finding the best time to post on all the different channels of social media. Don’t be shy though. Be sure to ask Susan J. Campbell about it. We are happy to help with a social media strategy for your organization!

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