Are You Creating Content That Will Get You Lead Conversion?

19798675_sAt the end of the day you need to do what it takes to draw customers and get them to buy from you. To do this you have to establish good relationships and sometimes the best way is creating content for lead conversion.

You need to keep in mind that customers don’t just want a sales pitch. In fact, today’s consumer can smell a phony sales message a mile away. Instead, consumers have unlimited online and offline resources so creating content that answers their questions and gives them power to make better buying decisions. Don’t give them just product information or bogus marketing messages. Instead, give them a tangible solution that answers a real-world problem.

Creating content that builds trust among customer communities makes buying a lot easier. Here are six ways your company can translate content for lead conversion.

  1. You know what your business goals are. They are usually aligned with a solid marketing strategy. In order to have any success, despite creating content, you need to have a way to measure it. While content to lead conversion is a growing trend, you shouldn’t invest in creating content because of its popularity. Discuss openly what you want to accomplish with your content and focus on one or two measurable and obtainable goals.
  2. Identifying with the customer is the most important part of the content process. If you don’t know exactly what potential customers are looking for then creating content will be not only more difficult but pointless.
  3. Lead conversion comes from a variety of content: white papers, print newsletters, pod casts, email newsletters, magazines, websites, and even more. Your budget will most likely dictate which type of content you go with but you do need to consider your customers’ needs and what platform they will utilize most.
  4. If you don’t incorporate some version of a call to action when creating content you are missing the bus. More often than not, customers need to be told what they should do after taking in information. Do you want them to call you? Email you? Place an online order?
  5. Reach out to the professionals. You’re probably like most companies in that you are driven by your products and services. It can be tough to look beyond marketing your company and creating content the way a publisher would. It’s a separate set of skills that you may need to look at outsourcing.
  6. Don’t start creating content without a plan on measuring its success. Measuring in the short term will mean greater success for the long term. If you’re not hitting your sales goals in a preset amount of time it might be time to reevaluate your content strategy. 

Companies can struggle with creating content to achieve marketing success. We have a team of professionals that can make this next step in your business plan a hit. Contact us to get started.

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