How Can Pinterest Launch Your Nonprofit’s Success?

Pinterest 3Pinterest is no longer just for the crafty and creative. The former invite-only social media network has become one of the most popular tools for nonprofits and small businesses. The only catch is trying to work Pinterest to maximize their exposure.

Here are ways nonprofits can benefit from Pinterest:

· Show who you are by “repinning” images and ideas that reflect your nonprofit. Pinterest, like Instagram, is a unique platform that relies on imagery. This is a great opportunity to showcase your cause, your employees and your volunteers. Research shows that Pinterest generates more activity than Stumbleupon, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

· To drive website traffic, try to incorporate personality using images and pins to valuable information. Use Pinterest to pin items from particular areas of your site. For example, a nonprofit thrift store may create boards that will link to the donations portion of their website or volunteers sifting through donated items.

· No one knows more about your nonprofit than you. Pinterest is a great social tool to showcase your knowledge. For example, that same nonprofit thrift store may create boards with links on ways to de clutter your closets or repurpose vintage finds.

· Remember, Pinterest is fun! It’s a place for creativity and information sharing. Feel free to share that impromptu fashion show of disco donations that came in last week. You’d be surprised how many people will see those photos and laugh along with you.

· Don’t forget to connect with people. If someone has pinned one of your items, follow them. Pinners are a great way to find out what other nonprofits are doing on Pinterest to gain inspiration. You may even like some of those pins so always remember to repin.

· Did you know you could do fund raising on Pinterest? By adding a dollar amount to your pins you can hold an auction.

· Market Pinterest as you would other social networks. Use the Pinterst logo wherever you can and even consider embedding the entire Pinterest board to your website and blog.

Are you using Pinterest to its fullest potential? At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we can help you develop a strategy to increase your nonprofit’s website traffic and develop new relationships.

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