Are You Pinterest-Ready For The Holidays?

Pinterest was made for retail. It has been mentioned before, but the orders that are Pinterest 4funneled through Pinterest result in a larger purchase and there are a significantly higher number of purchases through Pinterest than any other social media. As a result, now is the time to get organized and ramp up for this holiday campaign.

There are 4 different ways you can get Pinterest-Ready for the holiday season:

  1. Rich Pins Are The Way To Go:

There’s an option on Pinterest to use Rich Pins. These are the pins that would have the price information included when you pin a certain image. According to Pinterest, Rich Pins receive higher click-through rates, which is the result you want!

  1. Content Strategy For Pins:

Do you have certain products that you would like to sell the most? Your content strategy should be built around that. Another thing that will help is promoted pins, getting a few blogs to promote that product might help too. Engagement on other social media platforms that is more focused on these particular products can only help too. This is why a strategy will benefit you the most, it will help keep your messages consistent.

  1. Website: Ready?

Your website should be your number one priority. Is it organized? Do you have rich pins? Do you have share buttons on your website? Take advantage of the increased Pinterest traffic. Check your site analytics, are people looking at products that you still have or are they going after out-of-stock products? You might want to think about redirecting traffic to similar items so that you don’t lose that potential customer.

  1. Blog Strategy:

Much like a content strategy, blogs are content and they are incredibly important (that’s why they have their own point). Typically, consumers are going to look at several pieces of content before they commit to a purchase. Obviously, it would be much better if they came to you first and made that decision right then and there. A blog can be the way to do that. Great content can get them interested and then maybe even get them to buy from you.

Are you preparing for the holidays? Do you need a holiday campaign? Talk to Susan J. Campbell today about how to create a campaign that will take you through the holidays and use that momentum to continue helping your business.

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