Three Lessons For Content Marketing That Captivates

Content Marketing 7In the content race it seems as though many companies are throwing out new material just for content’s sake without fully understanding how to make that content work for their brand. In fact, some brands are pushing out multiple content pieces daily over a variety of platforms such as blogs to the main website, Twitter tweets, Pinterest pins, Facebook status updates, Instagram pics, and more. But true content marketing involves more finesse; otherwise, all that hard work may be wasted.

Effective content marketing should actively engage your audience and help to achieve overall business goals. Marketers are pushing out so much information that they are actually bombarding consumers and are taking the risk of having their content marketing being grouped with all the rest of the junk mail out there – straight into the virtual trash bin. Lesson #1 – more content doesn’t equal better content.

We need to go back to the days where conversations were simpler…and more meaningful. Content marketing should add unique value, help consumers tackle an issue of interest, or nurture deeper relationships. With today’s technology, we possess the necessary tools to initiate more meaningful conversations that won’t simply fall on deaf ears. Instead of trying to achieve the most views, the goal should be to scale down and market to those individuals who will actually benefit from the content or find it useful or informative in some way. Lesson #2 – conversations need to be more tailored to customers who care.

And, finally, Lesson # 3 – content should be optimized to provide the best results through Google. Certainly search engine rankings cannot be ignored and can become a powerful tool for success when paired with more customized marketing efforts aimed to build stronger customer relationships.

To learn more about how to create content marketing that captivates and breaks through the cycle of virtual noise, visit our website.

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