Updated Page Insights on Facebook Bring Greater Benefits to Your Marketing

facebook picFacebook has been a marketing bonanza for many businesses. Now the social media giant has made some changes to the Page Insights that should yield even greater benefits for your company. In case you’re not aware of them, here are a few of the recent upgrades.

1. Easier information management
The People Talking About This section has been removed. Instead, the information on Insights is now neatly categorized for you so that you can access specific data more readily. An overview tab allows you to check out big picture metrics, but there are also tabs for smaller bits of information such as visits, people, new page likes, comments, post likes, shares and mentions.

2. Graphs of daily activity
If your business page uses custom tabs to promote new products or competitions, the updates on Facebook will be especially welcome. The new format allows marketers to access information on daily tab activity and displays that information in graph form. This makes it far simpler to get a composite picture of the peaks and valleys in tab activity over a campaign’s lifetime.

3. Able to compare yourself with others
The revised Page Insights still keeps a record of fan demographics just like it did before, but now that information has been expanded. With the updated Page Insights, you can find age and gender-based fan comparisons between yourself and other Facebook pages. This provides you with a clear look at who has the greatest interest in you. It also helps you sharpen your marketing strategies to hit those audiences.

The updated Page Insights now offers you more detailed information that can easily be rolled over into concrete business strategy. Navigating the information has been simplified and the expanded data gives you a better view of who is interacting with your page and how. Susan J. Campbell Copywriting is ready to help you put these benefits to work for you today. Contact us at: http://www.susanjcampbell.com/.

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