Four Fun and Different Ways to Stimulate Engagement on Facebook

You may know that engagement with your customers is important, however, maybe you don’t understand different ways to get that engagement up and running – or maybe you just need fresh, new ideas on how to keep it going.

Here are four great ideas for engaging customers on Facebook:Facebook 2

  1. Take a Guess
    Buy something that will interest your followers, such as candy, golf balls, perhaps little squirrels. Fill a jar, take a photo and post. If you don’t offer a prize, just post the picture and wait for engagement. You might want to start things off with a guess from yourself or convince a friend to help out. Remember that if you decide to provide a prize, you will have to comply with Facebook Page Guidelines. Don’t forget to put a time limit on the game as well. This helps create a sense of urgency to participate.
  2. Ask a Friend
    Start by posting an questions that give an either/or option, state the next person to post a comment needs to reply and then pose their own question.
  3. Feature a Film or Theme Song
    Ask the question: “If your life was a movie/book/song, which would it be?” Don’t forget to start off by answering the question yourself.
  4. Create a Story
    Involve your fans in a story! Create a graphic or post that shares the first sentence to a story and don’t forget to outline the instructions to the game. Such as: “1. Write the next sentence of the story in a comment below. 2. Be sure to read the previous comment so you know what is happening! 3. Share the story to keep it going.” This is a great way to bring your fans closer together, as well as make them feel closer to you and your brand.

We remind you to check out the Facebook Page Guidelines, since they have changed recently and they are strict about what they allow. If you have questions or need help with engagement on your Facebook page, contact us today. We love finding new and unique ways to get our client’s customers engaged.

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