Facebook: Where Traffic is a Good Thing

We all know that traffic is typically a word that causes the blood pressure to rise and the desire to throw something increases. However, for Facebook, traffic is a wonderful thing and we love to see those numbers rise.

According to research done by the Facebook VP of Partnerships and Global Operations getting traffic is as simple as posting more frequently. Really, it’s that simple!

Facebook worked with almost 30 partner media sites and throughout a week, saw that it really is that simple. Here are some of the numbers they saw over the course of seven days when these companies, on average, posted to their pages 57 percent more than before the study began:

–          They saw an average of an 89 percent outbound clicks increase WOW 1

–          Likes per posts jumped by over 10 percent

–          Followers and fans went up by 49 percent.

The buzz word in this post by VP Justin Osofsky is “media.” Don’t worry, though, he does admit that they were selective during their study. In his report of this study, he mentions that every person has a different relationship with the pages they are connected to. Osofsky provided some impressive numbers from 2012 to 2013, Time saw a 208 percent increase in referral traffic. BuzzFeed saw an 855 percent increase. Wow!

While we can’t promise that you will see numbers like BuzzFeed (though we would love to help get you moving in that direction), we can mention some things that you can learn from these successful sites.

We’ve mentioned it before, but it does come down to content. Are you producing interesting content for your readers? While you may think the information you’re posting is great, if your reader isn’t interested it doesn’t matter. It’s important to know who your audience is on Facebook (and other social media platforms). From there, you’re able to provide quality content for them, which increases your interaction with them!

If you’re feeling unsure about the content you’re posting on your Facebook, contact us today and find out how we can help you increase your traffic!

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