Why You Need Marketing Help: It’s Helpful. And You Want More Customers.

Help Wanted:  Must be creative, savvy, affordable. Must have an intuitive sense of what works to generate leads and manage a lot of work in a little time. Must totally love seeing my brand grow.

Sound like a fit? It may be time to consider looking for marketing help for your organization. The marketing scene has changed in recent years with the incredible evolutions in social media, blogging, video and search engine optimization. More than that, your consumers have changed, too. They’re expecting not only to find immediate information about how you can help them, but they also expect to engage in a relationship with you across any number of online platforms. They expect you to answer when they ask, and to talk about you with their 702 online friends.

How does this relate to marketing efforts you may already be doing, in terms of looking for marketing help? You may have a strong sense of your brand identity, your history, and the excellence of your team. The next step may be to translate your current tools – like press releases, literature, newsletters or outreach events – into online message tools that increase the depth and reach of your content. This is where marketing help can really turn the tide.

When looking for marketing help, ask yourself if the organization has specific examples you can see and talk about regarding their successes. Don’t obsess over the size of the organization; what you’re after is outstanding knowledge of marketing tools paired with reliability. Talk to previous or current customers of the firm you’re considering, and physical locale doesn’t have to be an issue either – many successful agencies work very closely with clients from across the nation or the globe and may only rarely meet in person.

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing today is knowing what to do, and when to do it, when the list of possibilities seems so large. Look for marketing help that utilizes a clear editorial calendar so that it’s easy to see what the next steps are and when they’re happening. Marketing help should be seriously helpful in telling the story about your brand to a bigger, more strategic audience.

If you are ready to take the next step in telling your story, and need a little help marketing your brand, then let Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions be your storyteller.  Contact us today and we can tackle today’s marketing challenges together.

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