Monday Morning Coffee with the St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau

Welcome back to our Monday Morning Coffee posts. Our recent efforts in this series have shifted away from our talented team to focus on innovators within our community. We look for companies or organizations making an impact in Northwest Missouri, as well as those who are effectively using the tools we promote to our clients.

Our focus this week is on the St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau. This organization is leading the way in terms of the effective use of social media to drive traffic to their website and hopefully to our city. Not only is the CVB active on Twitter and Facebook, the organization has launched a Pinterest account, and shared videos and pictures on Flickr and YouTube.

When we talk about leveraging social media to control the message and engage your target audience in the conversation, this is exactly the effort to which we are referring. This organization understands the competition when it comes to summer plans. By launching active campaigns on each of these social media channels, those searching for fun ideas are more likely to find information about things to do in St. Joseph.

Taking it a step further, the CVB is also actively promoting St. Joseph events through collaborative Facebook pages, including Missouri Highway 36, Pony Express Sesquicentennial, Civil War Sesquicentennial and KC Chiefs Training Camp.

To ensure travelers relying on their smartphones for the latest information on their destination, the St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau took the initiative to make its website completely mobile friendly and accessible.

So why take the time to launch social media profiles for an agency that’s already online? Like any brand, the CVB needs to leverage full capability on all platforms. Each of these channels is absolutely free, requiring only the application of a clear strategy and time to be effective.

By focusing on specific keywords in its posts on each of its social media channels, the St. Joseph CVB is able to attract potential tourists, giving them a taste of the rich history and innovative growth taking place in this exciting locale.

This is exactly the type of strategy we promote and execute for our client base. If you’re ready to leverage social media to its full potential, but need a clear strategy and help with execution, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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