Putting the Right Team in Place

What do you call a group of individuals who are described as communicators and collaborators? Women! When you throw that into the mix of marketing you have a group that can craft your message how you like and get it to the right audience.

According to a study featured in a recent article, “women are good marketers because they listen to consumers better and understand the emotional connection to brands.” This isn’t to say that men don’t bring good skills to the marketing arena. Diversity is a powerful thing to have on any team, but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each gender can put the right people in the right position to be successful for you.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions is a company made up of almost entirely women. We are women who have similar thoughts and beliefs, but a variety of different perspectives to assist clients. We approach each client campaign from a fact-finding/feedback searching point of view. We want to gather as much information not only from the client, but other resources and our peers as well. We talk to each other in order to formulate the best strategy for each client.

Statistics say that women are known for their collaborative-style and thoughtfulness when it comes to decision making as well as a knack for building a team. Bringing the right people to any project is key. Assembling a team that will help the client reach his or her goal is imperative to the success of any marketing campaign.

In fact, the ability to tackle any challenge with the right combination of professionals is one of our competitive advantages. When a client needs to drive results through an innovative approach, we relish the opportunity to develop the right strategy and call on the right talents to get the job done with the expected results.

We’ll bring the right people to the table for you and we’ll take the time to learn what you really want to accomplish. Our success depends on your accomplishments, so in the collaborative spirit, let’s help one another. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.

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