Make People Read Your Blog…And Like It.

It’s one thing to write great blogs, but you need people to read them.

With a few tactics, you can grow your blog-reading audience. Growing your blog-reading audience means you grow your site traffic. It also means you grow your customer loyalty, trust and recognition as the expert at what you do.

Start with new stuff, as highlighted in a recent article from Marketing Profs. Don’t reblog something that has already been written. New content and well-written content creates the idea that you’re the expert, and you’re someone to trust and do business with.

It’s all connected.  Link up your blog posts with all your social media content. Link up your blog posts with your enewsletters and your video posts. Link up your blogs with your whitepapers. In great content marketing, everything works together toward adding serious value.

Consider new angles, like how-tos, historical snapshots or creative use of lists. Start a blog with an engaging comment from one of your social media posts. Make a quick list of angles and options for blogs to quickly consult if you feel you’re in a bloggers’ block.

Give your blog a photo, and tag the photo. Giving your blog a photo also means you can add it to platforms like Pinterest – further escalating you into blog-reader bliss.

Think of yourself as a content curator
. What does a curator at a museum do? They meticulously determine which material or exhibits will best reach their viewers, and when to bring that material in. Do the same for all your content. Being a curator is more satisfying and more fun than just thinking of yourself as a blog posting person. (As a curator, you might even be able to request a creative sabbatical or a second office somewhere exotic. This curator concept can take you far.)

Headlines matter. Make your headline appealing. This shows your audience that you respect their sense of creativity and that you recognize and appreciate when they select your blog to read over others.

In conclusion, blogs work. They drive site traffic. They make you the expert. They build customer loyalty. Blogs give you more mileage for your keywords and higher search rankings, especially when placed within a quality, consistent content creation strategy. Get curating.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions it is our goal to provide our clients with quality content for whatever their marketing needs may be.  Contact us to discuss your strategy and let’s get blogging!

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