The Power of the White Paper: Try It as Part of a Focused Content Marketing Strategy

Good news:  If you’re producing great marketing content for your organization, you’re already well on your way to a great quality white paper that can increase site traffic across all your content marketing platforms. Get ready to learn about the power of the white paper.

What exactly is a white paper? Though not as commonly discussed as other types of content – such as blogs, social media posts and website copy – the white paper has been used for years as a special type of educational content that can reach very strategic audiences. It can inform, persuade and motivate your audience, and can also let you know more about the precise topics your quality leads are interested in.

How to start a powerful white paper? Author Michael Stelzner has written hundreds for top-tier organizations, as well as consulted with organizations who are adding white papers to their content.  Stelzner recommends some key points in the beginning phases:

1) Determine what your white paper is designed to do as part of your content marketing strategy. Will it explain a new way you’re handling part of your operation? Will it compare and contrast two types of services or products? And ultimately … will it declare your authority and expertise in a key area?

2) Unleash the power of a white paper by making sure the information is not only relevant and valuable, but that it also matches up with your organization’s call to action. Hone in on the key selling points of your products or services and be sure that these come through loud and clear in the content. Consider your white paper as part of an overall selling strategy.

3) Be sure you know who is reading it. Ideally, it will be pushed out through your website, social media posts or email marketing efforts to people who already know something about your industry and know they’re interested in you. Be careful not to make it too vague – most of the time, it’s a specialized tool for an informed audience.

Like all great content marketing, the white paper is there to answer an audience question. They’re not reading it just to browse; rather they have need of finding some specific answers. Do that, and they’ll be more likely to pass it along to their networks via multiple channels.

Also note: with the rapid rise of YouTube and Pinterest for business marketing, be sure to include photos in your white paper and tag them with keywords. Place these photos inside any blog or other social media snippets you use to promote the white paper. Finally, invite anyone who reads it to share it, Tweet it, email it, blog about it, and you’ll begin to see firsthand the power of the white paper as part of your complete content marketing strategy.

When you’re ready to see the power of content marketing and the power of the white paper, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help. Our motto is, “We Write, You Shine” for a reason; we take your message and blend it with our marketing and content expertise to drive new business for you. To learn more – contact us today.

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