Pinterest Marketing: Still a Possibility?

Pinterest:  Popular, pleasing, powerful. Try saying that five times fast, and add this to it: Pinterest is set to push aside some other platforms as a crowd-favorite.

It’s Facebook in the lead, then Twitter, but Pinterest is quickly coming up alongside and may be set to pass up some of the premier social media outlets in terms of popularity. It’s called addictive by users, and allows a new visual voice to everything from product ideas, customer thank-yous, staff bios and blogs.

Here’s another reason why Pinterest marketing may be more than a possibility for your organization, from a recent post:  The audience is nearly 70 percent female, and almost one-third of users have yearly incomes exceeding $100,000. Note:  Women definitely use Pinterest, but men are also creeping up in audience and usage, which makes sense when considering that men are more often visual learners.

You can add Pinterest to your content marketing strategy in several creative ways:

1) Give all your blogs a photo. Put your blogs on a Pinboard for users to collect and enjoy.
2) Create a customer thank-you board, and include testimonials and real-life, practical ways people are enjoying your product or service.
3) Think of the ways your service or product adds value to daily living. If you’re in a financial company, for example, use Pinterest to show baby boomers living it up in retirement. (You get the picture).
4) Show your company’s history or staff testimonials. Let people in on where you came from and where you’re headed through Pinboards.
5) Add your enewsletters to Pinterest by doing a screen shot. This means your cover photo and text needs to be grabbing, but that’s part of your overall content marketing strategy anyway.
6) Add whitepapers to Pinboards.

Certainly Pinterest is a real possibility for gaining leads, new followers to your blogs and other social media, and gaining traction as a market leader in your industry. But Pinterest, like all other newer tools, should be grounded in information and visuals that gives value to your audience, every time.

Pinterest should accept your overall content marketing strategy that is built on consistency, keywords, creativity and great writing. Now that’s a practically perfect plan.

Are you ready to add Pinterest to your  marketing strategy? Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions and we can help you integrate this creative and effective social media tool into your plan of action.

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