It’s Holiday Video Time: Heat Up Your Video Content Now

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas … video.
With the holiday season approaching in just weeks, today is the day to act when it comes to creating new video ads and video content that will capture some customers’ good cheer. In fact, a recent Marketing Profs blog says video may be starting to outclimb numbers related to TV watching.

The competition for video content to help bring in holiday sales is also growing fiercer. This is because many organizations – whether they sell services or products – realize that video hits home with viewers in ways few other platforms can.

How to make your video content a must-see during the holiday season:

1. Engage viewers with an experience. Show small moments of your team interacting with actual, real users of your product or service. This builds trust and the belief that you are worth investing in.

2. Make them laugh. Humor is hotter than ever, especially if you want your ad to be shared by viewers across social media.

3. Give them a time frame. Utilize the approach of one-time holiday sales or a 24-hour event, for example.

4. Ask them to take action. Sounds simple, but it’s critical to helping your video content take off.This action might include sharing the video, or sending one of their own.

Video content is only one element of a successful content marketing strategy – but it packs power. Be sure to tag each and every video with keywords and phrases. Also be sure to add a personal element that reflects what already makes you stand out from the crowd, year-round.


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