Branding in Patterns

When watching a commercial on television, you may begin to associate a certain type of advertisement with certain brands. While advertisers may not come right out and say the name of the product they’re marketing, you know because you have become accustomed to their type of commercials. Each spot may be different, but the general message stays the same. Welcome to the wonderful world of branding in patterns!

Branding in patterns gives consumers a unique perspective as to how to identify your business without showing them the same message over and over again. Customers expect consistency in the brand, but don’t want to see the same things over and over again, that’s according to an online article. This allows your marketing to stay fresh and new.

If every piece of marketing material, whether it is online, video or print looked the same, your customers would probably get bored and not pay attention to what you’re trying to advertise. When this happens, your clients may inadvertently decide to look elsewhere for the same product or services because they may view that as lack of creativity on your part. If they don’t see anything new with how you share your message, then they may start to feel as if you don’t stay current on the trends when dealing with your own business.

The way you market says more than the words or phrases you use. Customers become accustomed to seeing a pattern in your brand, which helps establish trust and loyalty, but they don’t want to see repetition to the point of boredom.

What you include online versus print should have consistency, but how you deliver the message may be radically different. Making sure your customers know it is you is vital in every piece of marketing material you share, but mixing it up can continue to keep them interested.

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