Pinterest: Of Socks, Pesto and Inconspicuous Branding

16845458_mAwe-inspiring sock collections. A thousand uses for an old dresser. A hundred visually-stimulating recipes for pesto. It’s all just a click away on Pinterest, but is Pinterest useful to business?

You bet your sock monkeys. A recent Digital Nirvana article hits home with the facts, such as more than 25 million people are Pinterest engagers and some Pinboards tote more than 85,000 followers. Yet you may be asking yourself the question, is Pinterest useful to business?

The answer lies in how Pinterest creates, essentially, a back door for branding efforts. While users peruse your Pinboards and thousands of others, they’re clicking through to your site or your blog and learning more about what makes you stand out. You can also use Pinboard pictures of your storefront, providing a more direct link to sales pages and luring in the visually stimulated audience.

Because Pinterest allows you to be a little zany with your content, you can also maximize its value to showcase the lifestyle our product or service creates. Or use Pinterest to showcase your team’s hands at work, along every phase of the product cycle. Show off a gratitude board where you put up pics of customer letters or employee awards. Think even farther when asking yourself the question “is Pinterest useful to business?” and show off alternative uses for things like the packaging your product comes in. Or how your company is recycling these materials.

As Digital Nirvana suggests, images on Pinboards can also be lures for readers to find your blogs, online articles or a recent industry whitepaper. Regardless of how you pursue your own Pinboards, Pinterest can be an effective part of your overall content marketing strategy because it hits home with a huge base of online consumers with just a little time and creativity.

Is Pinterest useful to business? This we know for sure: Pinterest isn’t just for women. It’s not just for hobby-lovers. It’s not going away, and it can carry a strong brand message for your organization. Maximize this unique platform to demonstrate what you do (and why you do it better) with a clever visual angle.

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