Creating Content that Stands out From the Crowd

18027752_mWhen it comes to creating content, really the sky’s the limit. With dozens of fun ways to engage viewers with meaningful information, you’re only held back by your own creativity. Content is a great way to connect with followers and provide them with resources they will find both interesting and informative. It can boost search engine rankings, establish you as an expert in your field, and ensure a steady stream of traffic continues to flow your way. 

This blog from Social Media Today provides insight as to how you can continue your quest for creating content which captures your audience’s attention.

Google Trends. This tool provides great information regarding the search history of people within a specified location. So, if in the process of creating content you want to know what keywords will put you in front of your target audience – Google Trends is the place to look. And, it’s free!

Google Alerts. When you want to be alerted regarding trends surrounding a particular search topic, or if you’re curious to see what your competition is up to, this program is a gem. Once you subscribe, you will be notified when new blogs, articles, and other news topics containing a preferred search word or phrase post to Google.

Google Keyword Suggestions. After performing a search inquiry, at the bottom of each page is a list of terms related to the specific search topic. Google does all the work for you! These are the most popular search terms used by the public on the subject at hand and make creating content that much easier.

Video Content. Browsing through sites like You Tube or Vimeo, you’ll find everything from How To videos to expert tips and tricks, which can provide great inspiration for written content. Incorporating videos into your written content can also help drive traffic, especially if the video is highly sharable.

Pinterest. Because of its visual appeal and organizational capabilities, Pinterest has become a household name in the world of social media and continues to gain momentum. The site is a great place to scope for trends and get fresh ideas to breathe life into your content marketing.

Have some fresh ideas for creating content? Unique content creation is our specialty.

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