Does Link Building Help Strengthen a Brand?

16255665_mLink building is a critical piece of content marketing, particularly in the area of search engine optimization. Perhaps now link building is more important than ever in light of changes with Google and increasing competition. But how does link building help strengthen a brand?

First, a brief review on what link building means. Essentially, search engines find and use links that are included in pieces of content to know if a website is of high value and if its popular. The quality of the links that one site is linking to reveal whether or not that information is valuable and can be trusted, as opposed to content junk. The more high-value links a piece of web content has that are pointing to it, and the more high value links it points to, the higher the chances of that piece of information being viewed by search engines as “expert” status.

A recent article on Search Engine Journal talks about specific tips toward link building that can also keep a brand’s strength in the spotlight.

How Link Building Helps Strengthen a Brand:

By posting content on the most highly-used online sources
– Incorporating the name of the brand often enough to resonate with readers
– Through working with the brand name, beyond just keyword sets, when making comments or creating a presence on active forums and conversation sites
– By providing meaningful information across dialogue and comments with readers
– Focusing on using the brand name with the link as a tool for reaching out to the audience, not just as a tool for higher search traffic
– By talking about things your brand has succeeded at doing in past quarters, or the year – this builds a sense of legitimacy and strength
– By using a unique graphic or image to further increase the possibility of your content being linked to and talked about, especially when this image is unique to your brand

Link building helps strengthen a brand across multiple channels, but all these efforts begin and end with meaningful, valuable content that readers deem worth their time to open and share. Start incorporating link building into your 2013 content creation strategy now.

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