3 Ways to Optimize your Marketing

16097276_mIt has been said that there’s always room for improvement. If we had been completely satisfied with Henry Ford’s Model T, there would have never been room for the Ferrari or features like heated seats and navigation. But the fact is, consumer needs evolve.

A Hubspot blog features several ways to optimize your marketing so competitors don’t pass you by. First, evaluate the effectiveness of landing pages and homepages. These pages are not just designed to look pretty but rather present a powerful opportunity to gather visitor information for tailoring conversations and offering for more effective interactions.

Things your landing pages should possess include catchy headlines, good graphics, compelling copy, links for sharing, and optimized forms. They must quickly and clearly communicate your value proposition. Consider evaluating different options to optimize your marketing; tests show that B2B sites can achieve up to a 40 percent increase in leads through A/B testing.

Also do an analysis of what generates traffic to your homepage. In other words, what is your audience seeking? The images and content on your home page should be tested to ensure they match the queries of your most engaged visitors. Additionally, each page should have no more than one business objective such as driving leads, finalizing sales, etc.

Another way to optimize your marketing is to fine-tune your email strategy. Since those on your email list have elected to receive information from you, they represent one of your best sources of leads. According to The Magill Report, for every dollar marketers spent last year on email marketing, $39 was recouped. This kind of ROI starts with segmenting your email lists (to better tailor messages) and establishing an effective method of measuring results. There are various automation and workflow tools to help with this process. Note: email campaigns should be mobile friendly as the majority of people today check email on their smartphones.

Finally, to optimize your marketing, incorporate quality copy. Quality content anchored with keywords and strategic links can pull traffic to your website, blogs, and enewsletters and give you the best return for your investment. And, don’t forget the catchy headline because some people do judge a book by its cover!

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