Drive Demand with Content Curation

16114964_mIn today’s content driven world, it can be difficult for marketers to keep up. The pressure to constantly feed fresh content through a variety of different channels has put pressure on companies to “crank it out” so to speak. The result has been a decline in high quality content in favor of speed.

The best way to combat this is to shift the focus to content curation. Just as a museum curator combines artifacts and memorabilia to create beautiful exhibits that convey a story, expert content curation helps meld information into something of interest and value. Mass produced content or content that is slopped together just to meet a deadline not only robs the consumer of unique value, it contributes to the sea of noise that already makes it difficult for you to break through and grab their attention in the first place. While McContent might be quick, it’s not going to win any taste tests.

Certainly there must be a balance between marketing automation and production of quality content, and content curation can help. According to a CEB blog, to stay relevant marketers need to create approximately 720 pieces of fresh content each year. This is necessary to regularly address the needs of various target audiences across the channels that matter most to them. Marketing automation does create a mechanism to streamline this process, but without content curation, you’re likely to join the band of clanging cymbals.

CEB research reveals that at most, a B2B supplier can hope to get about 12 percent of its customer’s attention during the buying process. Thanks to the plethora of resources available online, most B2B consumers are already well over half way through the purchasing process by the time they decide to enlist the help of a sales rep. Skillfully created content may very well be your only shot to get the attention of potential customers, engage them, and earn their trust.

Good content curation creates demand. Does your content do that?

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