What’s your SEO Marketing Strategy?

12058056_mEveryone wants it, but not everyone can have it – a top spot in the search engine rankings. Many factors affect SEO, and as analytics and rules for positioning are regularly updated, it’s not uncommon to see fluctuations from day-to-day. Because of this, marketers may feel that they are grasping at straws when it comes to determining a successful marketing strategy for SEO. 

A blog featured at SocialMedia Today reminds us to celebrate the small victories. It’s often the small SEO wins that deliver the biggest impact and provide the motivation to carry forward and know that your marketing strategy is having an impact. A few SEO points to keep in mind include:

Google Analytics don’t always provide the full picture. Public search habits can shift. Don’t throw your marketing strategy out the door solely based on poor organic traffic. Look at numbers for others in your industry; it may be that figures are down across the board.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to followers. In other words, a loss of social media fans is not always a bad thing. It’s more about attracting the right kind of  people and making them loyal followers than it is having 500 fans who aren’t really interested or who are there for spam reasons.

Stick to enduring content. Making evergreen content, or content that is always relevant, a key part of your marketing strategy is important because it means your viewers will always have something with which they can relate and connect. Evergreen content usually generates fresh monthly traffic, but that may not be evident if you’re only concentrating on the large figures affecting analytics.

Don’t underestimate the impact of guest articles for authoritative sites. While everyone wants backlinks that originate from many different and unique sources, being featured on an authoritative blog can also generate traffic. Even if you already have a backlink derived from that site, it can still create visibility and enhance SEO.

Your SEO will only be as good as the marketing strategy behind it. Need help with yours? Give us a call.





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