LinkedIn is a Great Tool to Increase Customer Engagement

15662076_mDespite the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most people still want that personal touch when making their purchases. In fact, when it comes to followers on LinkedIn, nearly half of them said they prefer to do business with a company they interact with.

For your company, this means keeping an active presence on LinkedIn. This is an easy social media marketing tool to elevate your business. Let’s look at  five easy steps to boosting your customer engagement on LinkedIn . For starters, leverage your groups on LinkedIn to research appropriate content for those who are following your business.

Most companies spend countless hours studying their competitors. What are they doing? Who are they marketing to? Instead, spend more time studying your customers.

The great thing about LinkedIn is the format. Separating users into groups makes it easier to market your targeted audience. Once you find the groups most apt to be customers, engage them. Knowing everything there is to know about your competitor is only one half of the coin. The other side is much more profitable.

Once established, look to see which articles are getting the most attention from your customers. Look at the “likes” and “comments” on particular manager’s choice writings. Take the time to read these articles and get familiar with the content that is creating the most customer engagement.

This is a great way to discover new topics and ideas your company can cover. You can take it a step further and start logging topics, challenges and questions customers are talking about. Remember to post your status updates regularly. You want to establish your company as a regular source of customer engagement. Posting in the morning hours is shown to be the most engaging but don’t forget to add visibility to scheduled posts through the rest of your day, too.

When it comes to posts, don’t forget that content is more than just words. Customer engagement can mean contests, pictures and questions. If you think about it, what better way for you and your customers to interact than to get them active in your posts.

Advertising your LinkedIn posts on your business’ site is crucial as well as taking advantage of the social networking’s recommended ads. Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you address customer engagement by bringing your LinkedIn followers back to your website. So start getting engaged.


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