Your Marketing Plan Should Include an Email Strategy

21362170_sA good email strategy can make or break any marketing campaign. However, even the best marketers face challenges in optimizing their company’s brand using email. There are email strategies and trends to look at that can help launch your marketing campaign into a successful one.

Did you know that consumers that receive an email via marketing campaigns spend about 138 percent more than customers who don’t get the emails? An astonishing 93 percent of online customers are seen interacting with company brands using email. That’s higher than any other platform.

These are hard numbers to deny. Yet the trouble is that nearly 30 percent of people will change their emails each year. Another 17 percent do so every six months. So it’s important to take advantage of an email strategy that can bring about the results you need.

Think subject line, visuals, and content.

Focus on keeping your subject line to under 50 characters. You should tease a bit here. Offer an incentive in the subject line which can increase your open rate by 50 percent. Nearly 85 percent of subjects will choose to open their emails based on what is in the subject line so you need to start off strong right out of the gate.

Using visuals, such as your logo, and less text will draw your target audience’s eyes to the real information, your call to action. You may have a lot to say but don’t overwhelm them. Limit your content to only relevant information that will make them keep reading and want to do business with you.

Once you’ve figured out how to get them to open your email another part of your email strategy should be “how” you’re reaching them. There are 70 million Americans checking their email on a mobile device. This means mobile optimization is key.

Be persistent but not annoying. Keep in touch by regularly emailing but don’t overdo it. At least 47 percent of people will opt-out of emails with feelings of being pestered.

If you aren’t sure where to start with an email campaign, let us create an email strategy that will work with your current marketing needs.

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