Can Twitter Tweak Your Profits

Twitter is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site and generating a buzz for your business, if you use it correctly. Sending a new tweet on occasion won’t generate a great deal of traffic; you need to make sure you capture your audience and build a rapport with them through a consistent and intentional strategy. There are a few crucial steps to consider when implementing Twitter into your marketing strategy. An articlein SocialMedia Today outlines these points very well:

  1. Research everything you can about Twitter and how other businesses are using it to benefit their company. Going into it blindly will only be a setup for failure.
  2. Strategize your every move on Twitter. Make your posts “clickworthy” so that your followers will stay engaged.
  3. Use your brand to build awareness about your company or services. Make sure your tweets share your expertise in your field so that your followers (tweeps) will know they are following something/someone who knows what they are talking about.
  4. Stay connected with your followers. If they tweet back to you, make sure you (or a designated person) answer them. Don’t leave their tweets ignored or your efforts will be simply a waste of time.
  5. Make sure you stay active on your Twitter account. A tweet every once in a while won’t cut it, you must be as loyal to it as you are to any other marketing effort you expect will produce results.
  6. Make sure that your tweets have keywords implemented into them so that they are searchable, but don’t overdo it. If your tweet is full of hashtags and @ signs, you’ll quickly lose follower interest.
  7. Use tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or the helpdesk software to check the influence you have on your followers. Make sure they are potential customers and not someone just browsing. If they aren’t potential customers, you may need to rethink your strategy.

Twitter can be a great asset to your company if you know how to use it and use it wisely. If you need assistance, talk to the professionals who do this every day. They can help you build your brand and make your tweets “clickworthy”. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting, we’re steadily growing our followers through a targeted strategy. For help on getting your campaign going, give us a call today.

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