Monday Morning Coffee with Collision Repair Specialists

Our Monday Morning Coffee focus is now turning outward, focusing on businesses within our community that are capturing our attention. Some of the organizations we will feature in this spotlight are SJC clients, while others are simply demonstrating success on their own accord. For this week, we want to spotlight Collision Repair Specialists (CRS).

Members of our team had the distinct pleasure of interacting with key CRS team members during our May 15th Lunch and Learn – if you missed our Pinterest Marketing session, we have it available for you on a previous blog. Check it out as you may find new information that can help you market your business.

It’s always fun when you have attendees in the audience for any presentation who are already leveraging key tools you promote. They bring real-world experience to the table and can reinforce the value of using these tools. For CRS, those tools include social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Valuable interactions on social media platforms can help drive traffic to your website or blog, reinforce a positive brand experience and generate new leads. The important point is to use these platforms as opportunities for engagement, not just blasting out information. Collision Repair Specialists is the perfect example as at least one out of every three tweets on the company’s Twitter feed is a retweet of a local business post.

In taking this interactive approach to Twitter, CRS is steadily growing its follower base and building a valuable brand on this social media platform. They are readily demonstrating their commitment to promoting local businesses and developing lasting relationships.

Likewise, the company is also leveraging the tools available on Pinterest to build out boards their customers and prospects want to follow. If you want to know who might be working on your vehicle when you bring it to Collision Repair Specialists, just check their pinboard “Inside the Shop” and you’ll learn about the professional and his credentials.

Finally, if you’re in Joetown, you know the importance of getting involved, getting your name in front of the people and giving back wherever you can. CRS is making its mark in community service as well, giving back during community-wide events and promoting the efforts of those organizations designed to make our city a better place to live.

When asked to share insight on why CRS has taken so readily to social media, the company replied, “Our industry is a responsive one. Social media is the most direct and engaging way to interact with our customers in their time of need.”

To that end, Collision Repair Specialists is taking its social media efforts one step further, developing its own app for the iPhone and Android devices. For more information on this endeavor and the services soon to be available, check out

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, our hats are off to CRS and the success they are having in their social media efforts. We encourage you to check out their website, their store and their social media platforms (@CRSComplex and And, if you’re looking for quality care where your vehicle is concerned, they’re ready to take care of your needs.

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