Java with Jenn

Welcome to the latest edition of our Monday Morning Coffee Talks. Meet Jenn Milbourne, one of the dynamic members of the SJC team, and someone who took a very interesting path to arrive in the place she is today. Read on as I know you’ll enjoy learning how there is always more than meets the eye to any individual.

We have at least one more person to cover in our Monday talks. From there, we aren’t sure yet what topics we will cover, but we’re working on some exciting concepts, and we’re open to your suggestions. Either way, we hope that you’ll stay tuned to find out!

While I’m outgoing and pretty sociable, I absolutely cringe at the thought of talking about myself. I was born in Fairfax, Mo., and lived in Tarkio, Mo., until my father joined the military and we started our quest around the globe. The Army took us to a variety of interesting places with some of my favorites being Washington, D.C., and Colorado.

When my parents divorced and dad retired, my younger brother and I moved with our mother back to Tarkio. After high school graduation I attended both Missouri Western State University and Northwest Missouri State University where I first studied art history and then English but always wanted to be in medicine. Education has been a funny journey for me.

Here are some other fun facts:

  • My father was an Army Ranger and worked with the U.S. Secret Service which put him on the White House duty station. Yes, my father was a body guard for both Reagan and Bush, Sr.
  • I had lunch one time in the White House kitchen. I don’t remember much but that my sandwich wasn’t that good.
  •  I once put bubble gum over my eye lids to scare my brother and my eyes were stuck shut. I was about 9 years old, give me a break!
  •  I was a cheerleader, sprinter on the track team, catcher on the softball team and absolutely love volleyball. While I couldn’t do a toe touch to save my life I still play volleyball year round.
  • My husband and I are die-hard KU fans and named our almost three-year-old son “Hawke”. And like Polly (another member of the SJC Team) we didn’t know what we were having. It was a wonderful surprise!
  •  I have a beautiful 12-year-old daughter, Ashton.
  • I love doing home improvement projects but I’m sure my husband doesn’t like that I like this. He’s really good at pretty much everything and I have ideas out the wazoo. Yes, I can sheet rock, stain, paint and run most electric tools.
  • I love taking pictures. I’ve taken senior pictures, weddings, engagement photos, etc. I just bought a new camera and am excited about the nice weather to get out and play with it.
  • Secret: I’m kind of a hillbilly. I like to ride ATVs with my friends and get muddy. My husband and I also have a rail buggy that we’ve been working on getting street legal.
  •  I’m trying to learn more about wine and I hate “girly” drinks.
  •  I’ve been with my husband, Bob, for nearly 9 years and will celebrate out 3rd wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day.

Susan’s take on Jenn –

Jenn is one of those fun personalities that has the ability to juggle multiple tasks all at the same time. When we needed to add another writing talent to our team, Jenn’s name immediately popped into my head. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago as she was interested in doing something similar to what I was doing – seeking a passion for writing on her own terms. The fact that Jenn could take complicated topics and spin them into informative, SEO-based content that could drive traffic throughout the Web made her a good fit for our team.

As we continue to grow and expand our base, it’s exciting to see the different personalities and what they bring to the table. We’re happy to have Jenn as a part of this dynamic and fast-growing team.

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