I Don’t Have Time for Social Media

How many times have you uttered this statement? You know the value social media brings to the table, but you just can’t justify the time spent making it happen. You’re too busy with customer calls, appointments, meetings and everything else in your day that generates revenues. It’s your core competency and it’s what should be taking up your time.

That said, it’s still important to incorporate social media into your day. Why? Because the activity you produce on these platforms can impact your success in the market. In other words, you need to get into the conversation and there are a few good reasons why: it impacts your search engine results, it’s an opportunity to engage directly with customers are end users and the competition is doing it.

Social Media Drives Search Engine Results

You already have an online presence and people are finding your website – that should be good enough, right? But, how are people finding your site? Are they typing in the URL because they saw it on your business card or letterhead? Did they type in the name of your company and you appeared on the first page in Google and they were able to click through?

What if a potential customer wanted to find your company, but didn’t know the URL or your name? They know they need what you have to offer, but they don’t know that you exist. You’re located in another city or state and dealing with you via the Internet is just fine, but how will they know you exist? If you are actively engaged in social media platforms using your targeted keywords, they’ll find you.

They will not only find your website, but also your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn conversations by simply starting a search with your keywords. Just be sure when you develop your keyword strategy that you’re using the same words your customers would to look for you. Be strategic in the design of those lists if you want measurable results.

Social Media Offers an Opportunity to Engage

Believe it or not, customers are already talking about you on social media platforms whether you have a presence there or not. They are talking about your products, services and customer service – or lack thereof – when they exchange information. If you’re not engaged in the conversation, they get to control the message. That’s great if they are really happy with what you do – not so much if their opportunity has fallen short of their expectations.

Social media platforms offer you an opportunity to address those situations and provide a solution that creates satisfaction. You then get to talk about it on the platforms and invite others to do the same. Engage with your customers or end users on a regular basis and you not only build a rapport, you can also gather valuable business intelligence.

Social Media – the Competition is Doing It

While your mother always told you it’s not OK to jump off a bridge just because everyone else was doing it, you know that argument didn’t hold water – no pun intended. If your competition is doing it, there’s a reason. Do you want them dominating the conversation in these circles? Do you want potential customers to only land on their website because you aren’t engaged? Are you missing revenue opportunities because you don’t have time for social media?

When you look at the bigger picture, you don’t have time to not do social media. It HAS to be a part of your strategy if you want to win. The timing can work itself out, especially if you engage an outside firm to give you a hand. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we can handle the social media conversations for you. It doesn’t mean we won’t want you involved, be we can help develop and drive the strategy so you don’t have to. To learn how we can help you, contact us today.

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