4 Steps to Social Media Success

If you’re not using social media as part of your marketing strategy, you’re likely missing out on a huge opportunity for referrals and sales. Social media is today’s watering hole where people swap stories, advice, gossip, and recommendations. You don’t want to miss an opportunity for your company to be amidst this friendly clamor.
With social media, happy customers can spread the word about your company like wildfire. Social media success is defined by actively engaging with your customers to build better relationships, brand visibility, and eventually sales. But you can’t just throw up a Facebook page and hope that your customers knock down the door. Social media success does take some work. These four steps will get you there:

1)      State your purpose. You need a good understanding of what goals you want social media to help you achieve. Is your goal to increase brand recognition? Do you want to direct customers to your website? Being clear about your purpose will help you develop a winning social media success strategy.

2)      Research your target audience. After all, what good does it do if you have a great social media campaign and it’s not connecting with those most likely to do business with you? Knowing demographics including age and income is important, as is familiarity with customer passions, how they spend their money, what they do in their spare time, and where they hang out online.

3)      Stop Selling. Customers will buy from you after you develop rapport with them. The ultimate goal should be engaging with your customer on a deeper level; if you get this part right, the sales will follow. Remember, 80 percent of your business stems from only 20 percent of your customers. These individuals should be your focus.

4)      Get Friendly. If you’re going to get noticed, you have to be sociable. Those achieving social media success are the companies creating interesting, informative, and interactive content for their users.

The representatives at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions are experts in achieving social media success. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity but feel like you’re in over your head, call today and let us help you implement a solution.

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