Is Facebook Really Dying?

If you think of the social media giant, Facebook, and compare it to the business world and Wall Street, you may think the company is tanking, taking with it the many investors who jumped on board early, only to lose what they had sunk into the online media superpower. However, if you consider the effectiveness of all it has to offer, Facebook is still very much alive.

It reaches more than one billion users, that’s according to an article on Social Media Today. So to say Facebook is dying, monetarily speaking, perhaps, but overall that would be hard pressed to say with accuracy.

The reach and availability Facebook has positioned for itself is a piece of connectability like never before. It brings together millions and now billions of people who use it to link up with family and friends from afar, use it to share their latest life news and of course there’s the business aspect. Businesses can reach customers like never before and stay in constant communication with their clients.

Business can also market to its customers through Facebook in very unique ways. By getting their customers to simply “like” their pages, their reach can be expanded through utilizing their customers to do the work for them. To enhance their exposure through utilizing their own customers can be priceless in the realm of getting their brand out there.

Facebook also has an uncanny way of getting its users to almost an addictive state. For many it’s the first place they check in the morning and the last thing they see when they go to bed. For businesses to have access to a venue like this is extremely opportunistic for them to build their customer base and loyalty.

To say Facebook is dying, maybe when it comes to the monetary value, but certainly not when it comes to the linkages and ability to connect people around the globe.

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