How to Get Users to Share Your Content

In talking with different companies as to how to re-purpose their content, we are often asked if it’s OK to repurpose the content of others. While we do want to protect the copyright of those who have generated original work, referencing their article or blog in another is a perfectly acceptable – and preferred – method in online writing. Proper attribution, linking and blending original ideas are all important in the process. After all, the idea is to “reference” the work, not copy it.

This thought tends to lead to another conversation – how to get users to share your content. This is an interesting question that deserves attention. To answer the question, I did a little research of my own and came across an article in SocialMediaToday entitled, “10 Reasons I Don’t Retweet You & Your Content”. While I may not agree with all 10 points shared in the article, I do think there are some good tips here. Let’s take a look at a few and how they may apply in your marketing world.

Get Users to Share Your Content by Making it Good
The point is very clear – if your content stinks, why would anyone share it? Of course, this seems pretty cut and dry, yet I have seen more than a few bad articles get shared time and again on Facebook and Twitter. The perpetrators could easily be working within a single network with one goal in mind – to get people to read and act on their content. If it isn’t quality content, however, the intended audience is likely to click on by.

Get Users to Share Your Content by Being Engaged in the Conversation

This point is something I myself have been guilty of – not because I don’t think it’s important, but just because it takes time. But, if you’re not engaged in the conversation, how can you expect people to share your information? If you want users to share your content, this step has to be part of an ongoing conversation. If they don’t view you as a expert in the field (something they could glean from the conversation), they won’t want to share your content.

Get Users to Share Your Content by Being Original

While I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, she did get one thing right in her marketing strategy – originality. There is no one quite like her on the music scene and she continues to push the envelope in new and exciting ways. As a result, people sit up and pay attention. And, while I tend to prefer other music styles, even I know she was the one in the meat dress a few years ago. Take a few tips from the Gaga and be original. Gather the insight you have from your experience in your industry and learn how to share it in new ways.

Get Your Users to Share Your Content by Offering Something in Return

At times, people will share your content just because it fits with something they have to say for the day. But, you don’t want to wait around for these moments to arise as they are few and far between. Instead, offer a trade – your blog for mine, one guest blog for another, etc. Make it a habit of sharing other’s content and they will eventually share yours as well. Just remember, it’s just like networking – don’t expect something for nothing.

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