I Advertise – Do I Need Content Marketing?

Technology has changed the way we communicate, and advertising has had to follow. Gone are the days where throwing a moving banner in someone’s face will generate a large click through response. People today are spammed to death, and getting their attention demands a fresh, more novel approach.

Wooing someone to your brand requires a focus on relationship building. Individuals looking to purchase on the Internet are searching for something different. Like a real relationship, they prefer to be courted and made to feel that someone actually cares about them instead of just trying to push products down their throats.
Customized communication efforts also go a long way toward making potential customers feel special.

To fully leverage Internet marketing, advertisers would be wise to consider non-traditional means of getting their message across. For instance, many e-consumers follow blogs or rely heavily on social media as their sphere of influence when it comes to shaping buying behavior. Others like to get information from press releases, online videos, Internet courses, podcasts, electronic newsletters, e-books, and audio clips. Today’s consumers are a lot more tech savvy, and advertisers wanting to break the mold will have to follow suit.

The changes are also being echoed in TV ads. Driving home that personal connection and giving consumers something they can relate to is at the heart of many new commercials. Several are rooted in comedy and quite frankly, most have more personality than they did even just a few years ago.

If you’re new to Internet marketing and aren’t sure where best to focus your efforts, begin with blogging. Blogs can help increase the visibility of your brand and improve SEO efforts because they are content driven. Of course, your content needs to be relevant and interesting; otherwise, your viewers will not bother coming back. Ask yourself one key question, is my content worth sharing?

The content writers at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions want to help you develop an advertising strategy that grabs your customers’ attention. Let us show you what a difference the right content can have on your bottom line – call today.

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