Monday Morning Coffee with Vintage Senior Living

Once  upon a time, companies operated in silos, sharing very little information with the public and telling customers only what they wanted to hear. The same was true for organizations responsible for caring for the elderly; a standard that is no longer acceptable in the age of social media and a free flow of information.

In the St. Joseph area, Vintage Senior Living is setting the standard in not only providing quality living for the elderly within this community, but also demonstrating the quality standards they maintain as a business. Communication is important to this organization, demonstrated in its consistent social media presence, enewsletters and video efforts.

While perusing a recent copy of “What’s Happening This Week on the Vintage Senior Living Campus?” received in my email inbox, I get a little insight into improvement efforts initiated by the staff, an outing enjoyed by residents, a letter from the director and access to relevant topics concerning activities and health initiatives that pertain to the older generation, or those of us who love them.

This enewsletter is more than just communication; it’s a celebration of the exciting things taking place within Vintage Senior Living. Those of us with loved ones on campus gain a bird’s eye view into their weekly life. And, for individuals within the community considering the next destination for a parent or grandparent, it’s an affirmation of the quality of living available at Vintage.

The interesting element in this story is that Vintage is not hurting for new clients. In fact, the organization could create a waiting list, build additional locations and expand its services to a growing population. Why push out information if the demand already exists?

Vintage as a brand – and especially its leader, Joe Freudenthal – understands the importance of quality care and maintaining the brand regardless of availability and demand. From the top-down, this organization is fiercely committed to the highest quality of care of all of its clients. That care includes freely communicating to the community at large and resident family members.

Perhaps the best display is the brand’s YouTube channel. Here, Vintage not only demonstrates the quality of living afforded within its properties; they also capture real-life stories of its residents. To them, residents are not just elderly; they are valued individuals with hopes and dreams, people who have lived full lives and have a wealth of knowledge and history to share.

If you haven’t already, check out Vintage Senior Living the next time you drive by, or check out their website or videos. There is a story here that doesn’t have an ending, but continues to build as a dedicated group of individuals focus on doing business the right way – putting the customer first. It is quality customer care at its finest.

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